Top 5 Winter Scarves

Every beautiful woman has her own favorite scarves or shawls. If you feel the traditional ways of scarf tying are too monotonous, take a look at the five scarf styles recommended by fashion magazines and find the style you like.

The plaid scarf can always give you an elegant feel and it is a sweet and easy to match style. The unique design, coupled with fringed embellishment, is a completely England style. The plaid scarf is versatile to be either a triangle scarf or a shawl. In addition, both the plain clothes and casual clothes can work well with this scarf.

Pashmina Cashmere Grip Wrap Shawl Scarf

$5.12 free shipping

The plain scarf is a preference for elegant female. The scarf without specific pattern looks common but gives you a quite fashion taste with an outer wear. It goes very well with different styles so it has a good reputation as an accessory. Especially in the winter, you can have a different look if match with a plain scarf.

Cashmere Pashmina Zebra Wrap Shawl Scarf

$7.19 free shipping

The red checked scarf is not only the symbol of independence, but also the representation of handsome. The checked scarf in a bright color will be a hot choice this season. No doubt you will find a lot of choices when you are reading fashion magazines. The best choice might be a double layer scarf which the patterns are different for the front and back.

Red and Black Bright Grid Stylish Square Scarf Shawl

$4.71 free shipping

The solid color scarf can be a perfect representation of your invincible sweet. The comfortable fabric plus the thick feel gives you a winter smell. This scarf also has a variety of ways to wear so you can enjoy the different styles.

Fashion Elegant Beige Soft Shawl Wrap Scarf

$4.49 free shipping

The pure black scarf is very cool with a gray outfit. If you are not sure how to match with clothes, you can find a good idea online. The plain scarf can be better than fancy style scarves, especially the classic combination of black and white.

Fashion Elegant Black Soft Shawl Wrap Scarf

$4.54 free shipping

PrettyImpress Online you can find your favorite scarves, especially men scarves. Winter silk scarf can be a focus in the cold season so you can find that online.


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