Silk Scarves – Three Popular Style Scarves

In winter, the color or shape of clothes are generally very simple, so if you want to increase color to your clothes, you need to utilize a scarf. Here three popular style scarves are highly recommended and the trendy ways to tie those scarves are also suggested. The three scarves are silk square scarves, long silk scarves, and silk wrinkle scarves.

The square scarf can be made of soft silk or chiffon in a bit harder texture. The soft silk scarves can be tied into a flower shape or worn as a hair scarf. The silk scarf in the hard texture can be put on the neck and leave a triangle shape under the chin. This tying knot is tidy and perfect in the office.

Blue Butterfly Rose Cotton & Silk Fabric Pashmina Scarf Shawl

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Rose Butterfly Cotton & Silk Fabric Pashmina Scarf Shawl

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The long silk scarf can be tied in multiple ways by fashion women because it has more options from the longer size. The colorful long silk scarves in a soft silk texture create an elegant feel and are the classic image of silk scarves.

Pashmina Silk Pink Wrap Shawl Scarf

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Pashmina Silk Blue Wrap Shawl Scarf

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The wrinkles silk scarves can be beautiful with casually wrapping around the neck. A little tip is to leave one end with the extra length compared to the other when making a knot so that you do not have over staffed feel around your face.

Crinkled Scarf Peacock Feather Wrap Shawl

$3.45 free shipping

Fashion Crinkled Golden Line Red Grid Scarf Wrap

$3.71 free shipping

In the bottom of the scarf, you can decorate it with a small sphere to look lovely, and which can also attract sufficient attention. There is only one lap, so that naturally droop of the scarf can be fully realized the sense of this handsome scarf. When the scarf is matching a very blunt jacket, women will be reflected with tender feeling. If you like to create a strong feeling, two scarves will also do.

Some will say yes and others will say no. But oh, what a difference they can make! We have silk scarves that make you feel good about yourself! Combine that with the vibrant and delicious colors in our selection and you’ll not only look great, you’ll feel great too! After all, aren’t you worth it!


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