Credit Wallet Holder —— A Replacement for Traditional Wallet

You may have been using the traditional wallet for all the time. But when you spend more time carrying plastic than cash you may find that your various cards have no home. Between credit cards, library cards, insurance and dental cards, business cards, and buy-9-burritos-get-one-free cards, what you really need is a case or a wallet that can accommodate a dozen or more cards instead of currency. It should be stylish to go well with your fine appearance and easy to access and spot as you may put it at the bottom of your bag. Some people use cigarette cases for wallet replacement. The cigarette cases are truly stylish but as they are not flexible and larger than a wallet should be, so it may not be the ideal choice. Then here comes the card wallet holder which is called an organizer, a secretary and a friend.

Along with trash, photos and notes, it is suggested you get rid of all the paper bills. Cash will be eliminated for a good reason: it feeds up and explodes your wallet and if lost or stolen, it’s gone forever. On the other hand, by using check or credit card all the time allows you to track your spend online and best for all, most banks have fraud-protection, making you get your money back even the card is lost or stolen.

A card wallet holder will securely keep all the cards properly and make it light and convenient to carry. A neat and practical business card wallet holder will become a perfect choice for you to secure the items you want to bring with and keep your calling cards for easy reference when you meet a new acquaintance. The credit card wallet holder with ID window will save you the clumsy of looking for your picture very time you need it. A smaller and less bulky card wallet holder is easily carried along with your other accessories during a business travel. And you may not notice that a card wallet holder is always a good gift for almost all occasions and events: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, etc. You may find a suitable card wallet holder in the fares, shopping malls or through the online retail store like where you can find the card wallet holder with slim and compact rotary storage slots, holds 9 cards in total, and keep them separated clean, undamaged and fit inside any pocket. The PU card wallet holder is with high quality, durable sleek design, soft touch and satisfaction guaranteed.

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Pink Pocket Business Credit Name Card Wallet Holder

SKU: 01392

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