The Guide to Lingerie

For any shape,the key to any lingerie, is feeling sexy. Let’s be honest: |Usually, we spend more time in choosing it than he does enjoying it. After all, in order to sell it ,you have to believe in your product. And it’s hard to sell without proper promoting!

Here are a few tips to guarantee your lingerie is successfully marketing to your number one customer — just in time for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Better know your own shape. Try baby-doll silhouettes if you have a rounder tummy. Opt for pieces that offer you some support if you are top heavy,. Also, remember to play up your best assets. A boy short can be your best friend If you have a great backside. If you have a great rack, show as much of it as you feel comfortable with — either with extra cleavage or by wearing something see-through..
  2. Do not go overboard with the fabric. It’s not a hard thing for curvy girls to want to cover up their excess bits. But,you must remember that too much fabric can make you look matronly . It can actually work against you by drowning out your figure or making you look boxy. Resist the urge to drape.
  3. Use the right color to your own advantage. You had better work with your skin tone. Nothing is more dramatic and fresh on dark skin than stark white. Lighter skin really pops in corals and blues. Try to wear colors that complement your eye and hair color.
  4. Try it on at first time. The more curves, the harder it can be to judge fit based on size alone. Make sure your desired look translates well to your actual shape.


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