Be careful of the tricks of online store!

When the seller begins promoting the dropship products of their warehouses, everything may go very easily for a short period of time, especially, they have a website as their online shop. The seller promoting the goods of the drop ship warehouse may, in fact, realize some existent profits. This is part of the trick intended to build the confidence of the seller who at first lists more and more things at higher and higher prices, gradually the seller finds himself selling a few high end electronic apparatus, collects the money from the purchaser who pays for the commodities, places an order with the warehouse, and receives a message from the supplier that this goods is not in stock, but will be shipped in another several weeks.

During this several weeks period, these sellers , and likely many more just like this , keep on taking orders, send their customers’ orders to the supplier, and take a large amount of their time explaining the delay to their clients. Then after the several weeks have gone by they begin to crazily send emails to the supplier that go unreturned and abruptly the supplier closes up their websites and flees with the money of all the sellers, leaving the innocent sellers to refund buyers from their own pockets.

Certainly, I think that you have heard one similarity or another about this theme, unfortunately, now they have turn into online selling in another way – not necessarily all are the tricks, but that is the dropshipping opportunities. Luckily, the world is not cloudy all the time, some parts of online shop is good and their supplier is credit, just as


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