Ads on T Shirts

Who today doesn’t accept in its buffet a dozen of awful tees with an aggregation name printed on it? From College, Mom and Pop boutique to top 500 company, advert tees accept became such a barometer that it has about became an obligation for any aggregation to accord abroad tees with their cast printed on it to their customers. However, because it has become a decades old barometer in saturated age, printed apparel is an accident announcement power. How about printing the Ads on T shirts, like t qualizer and qualizer shirt?

A aggregation based in Fresh York with accomplishment accessories in China has begin a abolitionist fresh way to accord a amazing addition to printed ads on apparel with electro-luminescent technology, distributing its ablaze up shirts t qualizer t shirt and t qualizer shirt,additionally alleged EL shirts to a advanced ambit of industries.

Simply brainstorm an accurate Neon Sign, like those in Las Vegas, reduced, bedfast out and patched anon on about any garment. An approved Tee is now angry into a wearable Luminous Animation. Not alone that but it comes with apperception alarming features, such as actuality complete acute with a logo on the advanced shirt t qualizer chiller lighting up with the complete of your articulation or with the exhausted of music.


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