Various USB Hand Warmers

The USB port on your computer can help solve many problems, even more than you can image. For example, when your work place is cold, the USB port can solve the problem by generating warmth. You do not have to leave the computer at all! USB hand warmers are getting more and more popular these days, mainly because they are useful, easy to use, safe and very cost-effective and energy-efficient.

 When using the computer, do you often feel that your hands are cold? Cold air and cold conditions make it difficult to use the computer mouse and computer keyboard, some people even grow arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or Raynaud’s phenomenon.

 When designed using a carbon fiber heating element, USB hand warmers are therapeutic. Carbon fiber heating elements can generate infrared heat, which is a deep healing heat and can be used to help soothe and relax muscle tissue. An infrared heated object heats the object but not the air around it, and produces penetrating warm felt all over the body.

 Popular infrared heated USB hand warmers include different types: the heated computer mouse – also known as warmer mouse or warm computer mouse, the heated computer mouse pad – also known as a warm mouse pad, the heated computer keyboard wrist rest – also known as a warm keyboard pad, and mouse hand warmer fleece blanket pouch. These items use a low 5v heating element, which is safe for the computer’s USB port. The heat is about 99-104 degrees Fahrenheit, using a carbon fiber to generate a healthy source of infrared heat. When using the computer’s power to produce warmth, energy is utilized in a cost-efficient manner. You can enjoy lower heating bills during the winter days, using energy-efficient solutions to heat yourself.

 Winter chills often drive the high cost of heating bills. We will certainly turn up the room temperature when it is cold in the room. When sitting at the computer, one’s hands can be kept warm by simply plugging into the USB port. How wonderful are USB hand warmers!

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