Some Information about USB Heating Slippers

USB heating slippers is becoming more and more popular. How to use them? You just have to plug the heating insert into a USB port. There is no on/off button on the slippers, if the cord of your USB heating slippers is not long enough, you will have to crawl behind your computer every time you wish to power the slippers off. Laptops may work, but there will be little slack in the cord to move your feet around, so prepare a USB extension cable.

Here I am showing you the design of heating insert, unsheathed workings of the insert with the silver fabric removed, which is actually very simple. Two tracks of copper strips run in an inverted-U shape attached to positive and negative leads, with carbon fiber heating elements that cross the copper strips. Five elements are placed in each slipper: three towards the toes, one for the heel, and one for the arch.

The heating elements are able to reach a temperature between 55-70°C (131-158°F) themselves. When spread out through the wool or other materials that lie between your feet and the warmers, they can raise the temperature of the slippers from 24°C (75.2°F) to a stunning 38.6°C (101.5°F) in a room with an ambient temperature of only 22° (71.6°F).so it is no surprising that the USB heating slippers can get you warm and cozy fairly quickly. That is to say, your freezing feet are finally defrosted at once!

Pleasant soft and warm, the USB heating slippers do play a good role in defrosting your feet in a frigid room, in a rather quick and easy way. The heating elements are built in a simple but durable way, so that durability is no longer an issue. While not available in any brick and mortar retailers that we know of, USB heating slippers can still be found at a number of outlets online. For example, there are many choices on The USB heating slippers are highly recommended to anyone who suffers from icy feet in winter.

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