Some Knowledge of Makeup Brush

Makeup brushes are made from either natural or artificial synthetic fibers. Brushes made of natural fibers are better than artificial ones because natural hair has pores, which can easily collect color and allow even placement. Small makeup sets contain 5 or less brushes, like 5 PCS New Makeup Brush Cosmetic Bamboo Handle Set,  medium sets contain 6 to 8 brushes, like 7 PCS New Makeup Brush Cosmetic Brushes Set With Case and large sets contain 9 or more brushes.

Foundation brushes are for applying cream or liquid foundation. Powder brushes are for applying face powder and for full and dense dusting of loose or pressed powder on face or body. Buffer brushers help you to buff, polish and blend powder or emollient-based products. Contour brushes blend and contour all powder products. Blush brushes are used for shading and highlighting the cheeks and face with powder and blush.

Eyes makeup brushes include eye shade brushes, for blending different eye shades, lash brushes for applying mascara products, and the brow groomer to groom and blend brow color and to brush the brows for a natural look. Eyeliner brush is used to line the eyes with liquid or cream products. And there is another may be less known brush–fluff brushes, which are suitable for the application of eye shadow to the eyelid area.

Lips brushes are used to lip-gloss, apply lipstick, and lip conditioners. The lip liner brush is for controlled lipstick or eyeliner application.

Knowing how to clean makeup brushes is quite important to perfect cosmetic application. Clean brushes ensure that best possible application, which means you present your best you to the world. When a makeup brush is used, makeup sticks to each bristle. Dirt, oil and dead skin cells also build up on every inch of the instrument. Makeup brushes must be washed on a regular basis with a small drop of soap and warm water. Begin by rinsing the brushes out with warm water. Hot water might damage the bristles and cold isn’t as effective, so always make sure to use warm.

Mix a drop of mild soap into a container of warm water; never apply soap directly to your brush, because the undiluted soap will leave a residue on the brush bristles. Mix the soap into the water well, but try to keep the bubbles to a minimum. Dunk the bristles of your makeup brushes into the soapy water and swirl them around.

Once your brushes are eventually clean, gently squeeze the water out. Shake them downwards to fluff out the bristles of the brush again. Gently slide your fingers over the bristles to restore their shape.

The last step, allow them to dry with bristles positioned over the edge of a sink.

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