Popular Winter Accessories-Hats

In the past, hats and caps were more in use than nowadays, but it does not mean that they have lost their status and are forgotten in the present times. They are still much in use for protection, religious and medical purpose, as a symbol of status or office, as a part of social convention and even for hiding baldness, and there is still another quite important function: they have become a style or fashion statement, and are used for the purpose of beautifying one’s appearance. Besides, caps are essential winter accessory to protect one from cold, besides its fashion significance. Head wear is given its due recognition by the fashion accessories companies too. They regularly design stylish hats and caps.

In a survey on men’s perspective about fashion items, one item men agreed on to be a great fashion accessory was caps, hats and head wear. Modern Popular hat styles for men include the baseball cap, the cowboy hat, although it is just popular in only some places like Texas, and the newsboy and messenger caps. The most popular hats and caps with women in summers are straw hats, felt and velvet hats, cotton knitted hats, and as winter accessory they like to don Wool Hat Cap Beret Beanie Bonnet or Chrochet Baggy Cap Hat . Woolen hats are also there for men and that too stylish ones, of which embroidered hats and caps are most liked by men.

Women love it when their hats are decorated with bows, fur, satin ribbons and so on, so that they may look stunning in formal dresses too. There are some unisex caps for you to choose, like baseball caps, and newsboy caps; they can be worn by both men and women. Apart from hats and caps, another head wear–masks have also become rather popular these days. These face masks are worn over a part of the face or all over face, mainly to disguise the wearer but sometimes also to protect the face. Their popularity is due to pleasure factor when it is required to disguise the wearer, such as at fancy dress parties, masque and during Halloween parties. The ones which are worn for protection are popular with sports persons like ice hockey goalkeepers and yes with sporty persons too who enjoy throwing snowballs on each other on snowy days!

In most of the cultures, headgear symbolizes respect, and is connected with religion, politics and other factors. There are specific rules about when, where and how to wear a hat. Through these etiquettes for hats and caps we can see how important an accessory are hats and caps!

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