Function and Style of Hats

Hats have been around us for so many years – millennia actually. Even archaeologists have discovered some residue of ancient headgear that dated back thousands of years. Hats have been evolved for quite a long time.

 When choosing a hat, what are the first criteria? Well, it may be FUNCTION. Rain hats are an example of these ‘functional’ hats – they are designed to keep you dry on the wettest of days. Another example is sun protection hat. Sun protection hats, as the name indicates, are designed to protect your head, face, hair, neck or even shoulders from the ravages and harmful effects of the sunlight. Good sun protection hats will also be made of light-reflective materials, allowing you to keep cool against the hot air outside.

Hats also have the function of modifying your face. If you shape of face is quite long, it is not advisable to wear a tall hat because it would further enhance the length of your face. As for colors, find a hat that goes with your skin tone, for example, when you have reddish cheeks, wear brown hats.

The hat you wear should go along with the season and weather. Wearing a sunhat during winter will make you look odd. This outfit can really make you look funny. Try to match the hat to the season, not only because it is convenient, but also to protect your personal image. No one wants to be a walking fashion disaster!

Styling of hair with a hat will give you a new look. The main rule is to wear your hair just as you do when not wearing a hat. Leave some bangs showing in front if you are wearing a knit hat. If you are trying a beret, like Light Grey Knitted Crochet Wool Hat Cap Beret Beanie Bonnet , set it back a little from your forehead.

Besides the functions of hats, one thing every woman wants their hats to be able to stay fashionable while staying warm. Luckily there are so many designers and choices every woman can find exactly what she’s looking for. Some women may look to warmth first. There are still many fashionable women’s winter hats that are fashionable. Wool knitted hats are very popular, especially boiled wool which is extremely warm and soft.

Some women prefer leather hats in the winter. Leather does block wind, but isn’t necessarily warm. If you’re more into doing winter activities like skiing or snowmobiling you can not resist the cold wind only with leather hats.

 Women’s winter hats are as stylish as women’s summer and spring hats. Hat designer Helen Kaminski has a fabulous collection of winter hats of leather, suede and wool. You don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth.

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