Baby Dolls for Christmas


For almost every young girl, baby doll toys are their dreaming gifts. And for any girl, it is never too young for her to have her first doll. We can all remember having dolls when we were young kids ourselves. Dolls are of all different shapes and sizes, made of different materials, with different colors and complexion. Some can make a sound, others may even wet their napkins, while still others can burp and drink from a bottle. The more realistic the doll looks, the more your child is going to be fascinated by it, and the Fashion Barbie Style Baby Doll Toy Jewelry is one of such.

We are no longer the young girls with our beloved but simple and crude baby doll. Now you can buy boy babies, Cabbage Patch twins as well as toys of different ethnic backgrounds, or you can even buy an extremely realistic doll, like the Reborn dolls. Besides that a range of strollers that beat those available for real babies, never mind car seats and walkers for the dolls. Clothes of dolls are changing from simply diapers and sleep suits to beautiful and fashion dresses. In fact, you could spend a small fortune on them, and give the new baby doll the best of everything, meanwhile, make your baby girl happy.

Children love baby dolls, partly because that the dolls help them to behave like their moms. A friend of mine recently had another baby, in order to prevent jealousy of her elder child; she bought her a baby Barbie doll. If you have yet to see these creations, they are adorable as well as realistic. Not only does she burp but she wakes up if hears some noises. My friend’s daughter loves feeding Barbie when Mom is busy with her new baby. She even puts Barbie to sleep when her younger brother is having his nap.

You can often see young girls playing house with their dolls, cooking dinners, having imaginary tea parties and sleepovers. If you want to add an element of cuteness, the Cabbage Psatch twins are just your choice. The Fashion Barbie Style Baby Doll Toy Jewelry is just as cute as well.

If your girl is fonder of her girlie pink, the Little Mommy baby doll can be your choice. She is just under the size of a newborn, and is perfect for your little girl. She will ask for a bottle when she is thirsty and she makes some real life sounds while she is drinking the contents. She is an interactive baby doll; your little girl will certainly feel like she is a little mommy.

No matter which brand or whatever kind of baby doll toys you chose this Christmas season, what you need to be sure is that when your daughter unwrap her new friend this Christmas morning, she will smile.

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