Home Space Saving Accessories

If you are looking for a way to fit more clothes into your closet but do not have the budget for renovations or other costly alternatives then space saving clothes hangers are a great way to go. Space saving hangers cost very little in relation to the amount of extra space that they provide you with.

The way in which they save space is that they are much thinner then conventional hangers. Did you ever stop to think how much space your mismatched hangers are taking up in the closet? Buying hangers that are both thin and also uniform can give you 30 percent or more of extra space in your closet.

Shoe racks that sit at the bottom of the closet are most popular. The disadvantage of having shoes scattered all over the floor is that the space can look much cluttered, and one pair can’t be separated from another. Shoe racks, shoe shelves, shoe boxes and shoe organizers that hang in a closet that will get those shoes up and off the floor.

Use a Collecting Organizer Drawer Divider Box for all of your electronic needs. Phones, cameras, MP3s and more can neatly charge by the front door where you can grab them and go. Or place underneath in the cabinet or drawer. Here you can stack bras, panties, ties, buttons, and accessories whatever you want.

No matter you storage problems, you can be sure that there are many solutions out there that will free up much needed space, restore order and make your life a little bit less chaotic.

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Space Saving Cloth Rack Hanger Closet Storage Rack

SKU: 01573

$4.33 free shipping worldwide


2 Pairs New Active Adjustable Dry Shoes Hanger Sterilization

SKU: 01564

$2.83 free shipping worldwide


Shoes Under Rack Organizer Space Saver 1 Pair Blue

SKU: 01547

$2.32 free shipping worldwide


Collecting Organiser Drawer Divider Box Case for Family 12 Compartment

SKU: 01555

$4.66 free shipping worldwide



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