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Home Space Saving Accessories

November 20, 2009

If you are looking for a way to fit more clothes into your closet but do not have the budget for renovations or other costly alternatives then space saving clothes hangers are a great way to go. Space saving hangers cost very little in relation to the amount of extra space that they provide you with.

The way in which they save space is that they are much thinner then conventional hangers. Did you ever stop to think how much space your mismatched hangers are taking up in the closet? Buying hangers that are both thin and also uniform can give you 30 percent or more of extra space in your closet.

Shoe racks that sit at the bottom of the closet are most popular. The disadvantage of having shoes scattered all over the floor is that the space can look much cluttered, and one pair can’t be separated from another. Shoe racks, shoe shelves, shoe boxes and shoe organizers that hang in a closet that will get those shoes up and off the floor.

Use a Collecting Organizer Drawer Divider Box for all of your electronic needs. Phones, cameras, MP3s and more can neatly charge by the front door where you can grab them and go. Or place underneath in the cabinet or drawer. Here you can stack bras, panties, ties, buttons, and accessories whatever you want.

No matter you storage problems, you can be sure that there are many solutions out there that will free up much needed space, restore order and make your life a little bit less chaotic.

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Scarves – The Best Accessory & Your Fashion Secret

November 11, 2009

Usually considered as a clothing accessory, scarves have now been popularized as an important clothing item as well. They clothe the body better than most of the impressive and costly clothing accessories.

Scarves give a perfect furnish to your clothing and add sparks to the way you look. Scarves are the epitome of feminity and are not just restricted to any particular season. Scarves are now equally popular during summers as they are in winters. Various flora designs and wildlife prints have made them stand as important clothing accessory in one’s casual as well as formal dressing. Put your fashion scarves on your coat or on your suits, it will add oodles of grace and charm to your overall wearing.

If you are going to attend a party and can’t pack yourself in the theme shade or print, your scarves can help you to be a section of the gathering. Winter time is best time to flaunt a great style and fashion sense with pashmina scarves. These pashmina scarves work in the best possible way to deliver a stylish dressing to those who wish to display their unique and distinct taste of wearing.

You can also mix and match your scarves with the fabric of your outfits. When you are wearing a heavy fabric you can preferably for light and easy material where as for light and easy fabrics, embellished fashion scarves prove to be a good choice always.

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Select Thanksgiving Day Gifts From

November 3, 2009

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Make the most of Thanksgiving Day by expressing love and admiration for everyone who cares for you and everyone special to you!! Try and remember everyone who did something good to you – those who were present with you when you badly wanted their support, or those who brought smile on your face when you were in a pensive mood… Think a little and there will be so many people whom you owe big thanks. This Thanksgiving Day, make it a point to thank all of them.

Give them a tight-warm hug, a beautiful flower, a pretty Thank You card or a beautiful Thanksgiving Day Gift to express your sincerest love and admiration for them. Remember the size of the gift does not matter it is the feeling behind the gift that really counts. Given below are some interesting Thanksgiving Gift ideas for those looking for appropriate Thanksgiving present for dear one. So go ahead select a beautiful Thanksgiving gift and share the blessings of God with your friends, family, relatives and loved ones.

Thanksgiving Jewelry

Sterling Silver jewelry and other precious metal and stone accessories are popular gifts items during Thanksgiving celebrations. An estimated of 16% of shoppers splurged on jewelry during thanksgiving weekend. You may also opt for designer fashion jewelries which are cost effective and much appreciated in present times.

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Thanksgiving Scarves and Hats

The Classic plaid scarf is a very soft 100% cashmere scarf that will keep you warm and stylish during the cold winter time. So it will be the warmest gift!

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Thanksgiving Makeup

When your mother, your wife, your daughter, your female colleagues receive a set of eye shadow or cosmetic set in Thanksgiving Day, that would be so special and moved!

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Thanksgiving Toys

Stuffed soft toys are the gifts that are well liked by the children as well as the adults. Teddy bears, monkeys or birds, all are good gift items.

Fashion Barbie Baby Girl Doll Toy Set

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There are also many gadgets for Thanksgiving gifts, they are very convenience to use and necessary for family.

Eye Shadow Application Tips from

November 3, 2009

Eye shadow is the most important part of your eye makeup, because it can help to re-contour the eyes and add emphasis to them. How you apply your eye shadow will make a huge difference in your appearance. The following eye shadow application tips can help any set of eyes to look gorgeous.

First Things First

The first thing to know when learning about eye shadow application is that you should use brushes to apply the makeup, as opposed to eye shadow applicators. Brushes are a good idea because they help you achieve a specific look when applying the eye shadow it’s best to steer clear of foam applicators. So when you buy your eye shadows, if the applicator that comes with it is foam, the best thing to do is just toss it and use a brush.

For hygiene reasons, it is also not a good idea to share your eye makeup tools with others. Sharing tools can spread eye infections, even if you didn’t know you had one.

A final safety tip before we move on to eye makeup application: if you ever get eye shadow in your eye, you should gently flush it with lukewarm water.

Eyebrow Shape

One of the best things you can do when it comes to applying eye makeup is to shape your eyebrows. It will make a difference in how the eye shadow looks when you put it on your eyes. This doesn’t mean you have to pluck them, but lightly brushing the brows into shape will help your eye shadow to stand out.

In mentioning the eyebrows, it is important to note that you should never cover your brow bone with deep color – unless you have the guidance of a professional makeup artist for a special occasion. The last thing you want is an overly dramatic look with too much eye shadow. Apply the eye shadow up to the brow bone, but don’t apply shadow on the bone unless it’s a neutral color or a highlighter.

Applying the Color

Color placement is another important detail when it comes to applying eye makeup. Light colored shadows are best for covering the entire eyelid; from lash line to the brow. For the lower eyelid, it’s best to go with a medium shade. The darkest shades should go on the outer corner of the eyes, from the lash line to the crease. For night time wear, you can intensify the darker shades for a more dramatic look.

When deciding which colors to use, it’s best to opt for the lighter pastel colors for daytime and the darker, more adventurous colors for night. It’s not the best idea to wear darker colors during the day, because they won’t look natural and they’ll drown out your overall look.

Blue eye shadow is no longer taboo. Matching the color of your eye with a shadow actually brings out the color. Play up your blue eyes with a shade of blue shadow. But blue shadow isn’t only for light-eyed beauties. Use your eye’s complimentary color to accentuate your hue and draw attention to your eyes. For instance, the complimentary color for blue eyes is orange, and brown eyes contrast with a blue eye shadow. The difference in color can make a subtle but noticeable impact.

When you want to apply light shades such as blue, beige, light green and light gray, first draw a thin line with the help of liquid eyeliner or eye shadow pencil. Draw the line over the upper lash line, because usually the light shades make your eyes look smaller in size.

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